We are just starting our 2014 Ice Show and Dance Recital Season and will be offering the option to purchase your video on either DVD or Blu-ray.  I thought I would take a moment to discuss the differences here.  DVD has been the standard for delivering video content for the past decade.  When it first came out it was leaps and bounds above what vhs tapes had to offer.  The resolution was significantly better and you could randomly jump to any part of a program.  Blu-ray discs look very similar to a DVD disc.  The difference is in the amount of data that they can hold vs a DVD.  Blu-ray discs were designed to carry High Definition content.

So which should you get, the DVD or Blu-ray?
Well first of all, in order to play a Blu-ray disc you have to have a Blu-ray player.  Some computers come with a Blu-ray player built in.  You can buy Blu-ray players at almost any store that carries electronics such as Walmart and Target.  The prices for the cheapest players are currently between $50-$60.  Some game consoles such as the PlayStaion3 and the Xbox One have built in Blu-ray players as well.

Video on a DVD can contain up to 480 lines of horizontal resolution.  This was really good when it first came out.  At this time, few people had large televisions.  Video on a Blu-ray disc can contain video up to 1080 lines of horizontal resolution.  The real question is will you notice a difference between video on a DVD vs a Blu-ray disc?

There is definitely a large difference in quality of video between a DVD and a Blu-ray.  This difference becomes even more noticeable when you have a television that is 32″ or larger and you are sitting within 6-8 feet of it.  Also, when we are shooting a wide shot of the stage with 20 children spread across the stage, a Blu-ray High Definition video will show more detail in everyone.

Of course cost is a factor as well.  When DVDs first came out and we offered the option to get your video on VHS or DVD, we charged more for the DVDs because it was 1) a better product and 2) cost us more to produce.  Now with the option to get your video on DVD or Blu-ray the Blu-ray will cost on average $10 more.

If you are still unsure which is the better solution for you, feel free to call me at 920-725-5205 and I can help you understand the differences between the two options.