KDC 2015

This past weekend we were hired by Kaukauna Dance Classic to provide high definition digital videos of all of their performances.  The event started at 9 am and went until about 7pm at night.  We captured 128 performances by 60 teams with about 1000 dancers.  All the routines are already processed and uploaded to our private server.  All coaches will receive an email from one of the coordinators of the event that will have a link where they can download their dance routines.  The coaches in turn can send these links to all of their dancers so that everyone has access to the digital videos.  We also do have a physical DVD or Bluray available for purchase for any teams that also want a physical copy and don’t want to go through the trouble of making their own disc.  DVDs and Blurays can be ordered in our online store here:  http://www.championvideoonline.com/kaukauna-dance-classic/