Happy Thanksgiving from Champion Video!  We have had an extremely busy year with a couple huge events to go before 2015 comes to a close.  What a great year!  We are so thankful for all of our clients, new and old.  Some of our clients have been with us for over 15 years while others we are just getting to know!  We love covering events and 2015 was full of them.  From Dance Recitals and Figure Skating Shows to Large Scale Multi-Day Outdoor Concerts, 2015 had us driving all over the Midwest!  It’s been a great year for new additions to our equipment as well.  Although we purchased our 17′ camera jib/crane in 2014…we didn’t start using until 2015.  We used it at Lifest, LifeLight, EAA Warbirds in Review, and Mesopotamian Nights at North Shore Theater in Chicago.  It performend better than we could have expected and look forward to the value that it can bring to our company.  We recently sold one of our cameras and replaced it with a 4k Camera to begin testing integrating 4k into our workflow.  It has been a year that has been filled with things to be thankful for.  I am especially thankful for being able to make a living providing video services for others!