Figure Skating Shows

Typically we film Figure Skating Shows with 3 HD Cameras.  We deliver our final videos on both DVD for standard definition and Bluray for high definition.  Each video comes complete with a menu so that the viewer can skip directly to the number that they want to see.

Figure Skating Competitions

For a Figure Skating competitions we typically deliver on DVD, Bluray, and Digital copies.  The advantage of receiving a digital copy is that you are able to receive your digital copy within a day or two of the competition.

Does the Figure Skating Club Have To Pay Anything to Have Champion Video?

No.  Our profits come from directly selling to the skaters and their families.  Typically we supply you with our order forms approximately six weeks before the Ice Show.  Skaters then place their order with us by either mailing their order form to us, or placing their order in our secure online store.  We then mail the videos directly to the family who purchased the video. We always include a few complimentary copies for you, the Figure Skating Club.  Video is the best way to preserve and archive your Ice Show so that you can see the hard work and dedication that you, your staff, and your skaters have put into each and every show.

How Much Do My Skaters Have To Pay for Their Video?

Most of our videos sell for between $25-$35.  When you decide to reserve Champion Video to record your Ice Show we ask you questions that help us determine the cost of the video.  The length of your show is one of the biggest factors that determines the overall cost.

How Long Does It Take to Receive our Ice Show Video?

We ship videos approximately four weeks after a show.  It is possible to request a faster turnaround, but this requests raises the overall cost of the video for your skaters.

Do You Do Anything Special to Handle Audio?

Yes.  Not only can we take a feed from the audio mixing board at your venue, but we also place special microphones to record the sounds of the skaters on the ice, ambient noise, and applause.  These extra microphones are critical in faithfully reproducing your show.

Will Everyone Be in the Video?

Yes!  Our shooting and editing style ensures that everyone gets plenty of camera time.  We mix between shots of the whole group and shots of a few skaters at a time.  Our experience helps us take the right shot so that the intricacies of the performance are preserved without having to stay on a wide shot the whole time.

We Have Multiple Performances, Will You Record All of Them?

If you have multiple show times for the exact same show, then typically we only film one show.  If there is a different set of skaters in each show then we usually cover each show.  These are all things that get discussed and agreed upon before you can reserve Champion Video to cover your show.

Where Will You Set Up Your Cameras?

This is largely dependent on your venue.  Typically we set up on the same side that the spectators view the show.  Each venue is a little different, in some venues we can be centered on the ice with all three cameras right next to each other.  Other venues it works better to have one camera in the center and two off to either end of the ice.  In general we need enough room for three tripods and the camera operators to stand behind the tripods.  We will work with you and your staff to figure out the best place for camera placement that works within the constraints of your event.

Can You Give Us a Live Feed So The Skaters Back Stage Can View The Show?

Yes.  We can give you a live feed of either a single camera set to a wide shot of the group, or you can get a live feed of a mix between the different cameras.  Although we are able to provide this service there is a fee that the school would have to pay to have this done.  If the venue already has monitors in place, and all we have to do is plug a cable into one of our cameras, we can provide this service at no additional fee.

Can You Live Stream Our Recital or Performance?

Yes.  We are able to live stream your performance for an additional fee.  Again, you can select to have a single camera that stays on the group the whole time or the mix between all of the cameras.

What Happens if My DVD or Bluray Doesn't Play?

If you should happen to get a bad copy or the DVDs/Blurays are incompatible with your player, simply call Champion Video and we will either replace your disc or give you a refund if we are not able to resolve the problem.  Requests for replacement discs can only be made within 30 days of receiving your video.

Does The Sponsoring Organization Have To Pay Anything To Have Champion Video?

There are two ways in which Champion Video covers Figure Skating Competitions: 1) The Sponsoring Organization pays Champion Video directly for their services.  This allows the Sponsoring Organization to decide what to do with the competition videos.  Typically the Sponsoring Organization would choose to give everyone a complimentary copy of their performance and give all of the coach’s complimentary copies of their skaters as well.  This is a perk that the skaters, families, and coaches really appreciate.  The Sponsoring Organization could also opt to sell videos and use the profits as a fund raiser as well. 2) The Sponsoring Organization contracts Champion Video to be the Official Competition Video Provider.  Champion Video then handles all of the sales and keeps all of the profits from the event.  NOTE:  This method may or may not be available for your event.  Because we run a business, we have to make sure that the potential for profit is high enough to take the risk.  To see if your event qualifies, call or email Champion Video Today!

How Long Does It Take To Receive a Video of My Performance?

We are able to deliver high definition digital links to competitors within a few short days of their competition.  For smaller events, we usually have all digital links delivered within two days.  For example if the competition is on Saturday, we often can have links ready to email on Monday.  Larger events may take up to four business days.

How Do You Shoot a Figure Skating Routine?

For competitions we are usually using a single camera that will follow the skater.  If it’s a solo competition, the skater will be framed to include their entire body the whole time.  For duets, trios, and group numbers, the entire group will be framed the entire time.  As the group comes together, we slowly zoom in, as they expand, we pull out to keep everyone in the shot.