Free Services

For many events, such as Dance Recitals, Figure Skating Shows, Musicals, Theatrical Plays, and many types of competitions, our services are completely free to the sponsoring organization.

How Does it Work?

We provide the sponsoring organization with our order forms who then in turn distribute these forms to the people participating in the event.  Those participants who want to order a copy of the event send their order forms to Champion Video or order in our Online Store.  When the Event DVD is completed, we either deliver the Event DVDs directly to the sponsoring organization for pick up or we ship directly to those who ordered.  The sponsoring organization can opt to have us deliver or ship the DVDs.

How Much Do Event DVDs cost the Participants?

The cost of the DVD for your participants depends on several factors such as length of the event, number of cameras used, number of participants involved, and location of your event.  Typically our event DVDs for a Dance Recital or Figure Skating Competition range between $25 and $40 and is determined with you prior to the event.

Benefits of Having An Event DVD Offered at Your Event

Your competitors will love the opportunity to purchase an event DVD and there is absolutely no risk to you.  You even get a few complimentary copies as your own keepsakes.

How Do I Arrange to Have Champion Video Cover My Event?

Contact Champion Video today to see if we have your day available.

How Far Will Champion Video Travel?

Champion Video will travel anywhere in the US to cover your event.  The distance we will travel is directly related to the amount of projected sales we believe are possible.  Projected sales is determined by the type of event you are holding, length of the event, and number of participants expected.  Contact Us today to see if your event qualifies.

Can I Hire Champion Video and Sell the Event DVD Myself?

Absolutely.  For some organizations this is a great way to add additional revenue streams into their events.  Prices are based on location, number of cameras, and length of event.

How Long After the Event Before the Event DVDs are Delivered or Shipped?

Typically Event DVDs are ready four weeks after the event.  For many compeitions, DVDs or Digital Copies are available on the same day as the competition!

What Are Same Day DVDs?

Same Day DVDs are exactly that, the participants are able to receive their Event DVD (or digital file) on the same day that they compete or perform.  Same Day DVDs are not available for all event as some events are simply not conducive to offering this type of services.  Same Day DVDs is best utilized for tournaments and various types of competitions (Dance Competitions, Figure Skating Competitions, Horse Show/Competitions, Agility Trials, etc).