Champion Video has more than a decade of experience in shooting large scale concerts and broadcasting our signal to large video walls (jumbotrons).  This is commonly referred to as IMAG which is short of Image Magnification. But covering concerts is really so much more than that.  With over 500 individual concerts under our belt, we have developed the experience and acquired the equipment to provide the concert goer with a unique experience.

Live, multi-camera, video for concerts requires a very specific skill set and you want to hire a company that can take care of challenges as they arise.  Champion Video is able to pull from a wealth of experience to get the job done!


Our HD Equipment Includes:
Video Switchers
Graphic Overlay System
Video Playback System
Com System

Video Playback & Graphics

Need to have graphics and videos played on screen? Our equipment gives us high definition playback of virtually any type of content. Overlays, lower thirds, corner bugs, full screen, live tweets are all possible ways to increase revenue and exposure of your show.

Competitive Bids

Once we understand your needs, we put together a custom and highly competitive bid. You only pay for the services that you need and want.

Concert and IMAG FAQ

How Many Cameras Will Be At My Event?

You are able to choose the number of cameras that you want covering your event.  Typically we use three or four cameras which gives a good balance between coverage and price.  You can specify the number of cameras that best fits your budget and needs.  We have covered many concerts with as few as two cameras.

Will The Cameras Block the Audience's View?

Camera placement is dependent on your needs and decided by you.  We will consult with you to find the best balance between getting great shots and staying unobtrusive.

Can You Record the Event?

We have the equipment to record both “in camera” and the final mix master (what goes to the screen).  For the mix master we are also able to record exactly what you see on the screen or just the video minus the overlay of graphics.  For example:  During the concert you have a small sponsor bug in the lower right of the screen but you don’t want that recorded.

Although we have the capability of making a recording, you would still need to have the rights to record.  This would be dictated in your contract with the performers.

What Type of Screens Can you Broadcast To?

We are able to broadcast to virtually any type of display device that can take a video input:  Video Projectors, Televisions, Video Walls, Monitors, etc.

We are also able to stream live to the internet.

What is Live Tweeting?

Live Tweeting is a great way to really engage your viewer and make them feel like they are truly part of the show.  It’s also a great way to help your event trend.

How Does Live Tweeting Work?

We monitor a hashtag and when we see a tweet come in we can opt to approve it or not.  If we approve it, it goes into a bin that then cycles to the screen.  People love seeing their tweet on the screen.  For every concert that we have done this with, we have seen the event trend in the top 10 on twitter.

I Want To Have Large Screens with Live Video At My Event, But I Don't Know Where to Start.

Having live video playing on large screens or video walls at your event may seem like a daunting task, but once you make the decision to do it, the pieces fall into place quite easily.  The basic set up goes like this:  Multiple cameras are tied into a mixing station.  At this mixing station, there can be a graphics station that can play back graphics and videos.  The mixing station is then tied into whatever is being used for display such as a large video wall, video projector and screen, in house televisions, and even live streamed to the internet.  When we get hired for a job, we interface directly with the screen company to make sure that everything can talk to one another.  If we need sound, we talk directly with the sound company to make sure that we can send and a receive a feed from them.

There are companies that specialize in renting Video Walls and Champion Video can help you identify which companies might work for your event.

Alternatively, if you have an indoor event, you can opt to use projectors and large screens.

What Kind of Projectors Can I Use for My Event?

We would recommend using no less than a 5000 Lumen (5k) projector.  Lumens refers to the amount of light that the projector can give off.  The more, the better.  Although there are other factors that make some projectors look better than others, looking at the Lumens is a good starting place.  10k projectors are reasonably priced for renting and give a fantastic looking image for indoor events.