Live Streaming

Live Streaming is the process of taking video and other multi-media content and broadcasting it to the internet as it occurs. It’s a great way to share your event with people who couldn’t physically make it to your event but who want to watch it.

Increase Your Audience

With live streaming you are able to reach a larger audience. Anyone with an internet connection will have the chance to view your event LIVE AS IT HAPPENS!

How It Works

Champion Video can handle all aspects of your live streaming production. Whether you want a single static camera or a multi-camera live mixing package complete with graphics, overlays, commercial insertion, or something in between, Champion Video can provide you with what you need.

Champion Video Provides Free, No Obligation Consulations!

Every event is unique.  The staff at Champion Video can walk you through what’s involved and what you can expect by streaming your event live.  Contact Champion Video to get your free, no-obligation consultation to help you decide if streaming your event is right for you!  Contact Champion Vieeo Today: