I will post updates here to let everyone know how things are going with the switch from Elexio server to the Bluehost server for New Hope Church website.

UPDATE 8:08 PM:  Website is live and functional at www.newhopeconnect.org

Emails are starting to work, you can access your account, but emails sent to you, may come later than when they are sent.  Feel free to call me at 920-205-8010 or text me to get your password to login to your webbased mail.

UPDATE:  I began the process at approximately 5:00.  Now, I wait until the server has been propagated.

The server has begun to propogate and if you go to the church website…most likely the new site will come up.  All emails have been entered and my test one worked.  So your email may be working as well.  Unfortunately the system would not let me enter the proposed password.  I have created new passwords for everyone and will text Pastor the new password that everyone will use.  Please change your password to that of your own choosing.

The transfer will take between 24 and 48 hours.

In the meantime you can check your mail normally, but at some point your login won’t work the way you normally do it (see the section below on accessing your old email).

I will post additional information here if needed.

How to Access Your New Email Once the Transfer is Complete

1. Go to http://www.bluehost.com/webmail  to log in
2. Enter your email address and the password that I will give you.  You all have the same password right now…you will want to change that (see below)
3. If an advertisement comes up (it probably will the first time you try to log in) simply click “No Thanks, I’m not Interested”
This will bring the following box up:
4. From this box you can use any of the top 3 webmail programs to view or send mail: “Horde” “RoundCube” “SquirrelMail”. It doesn’t matter which one you use, just pick the one that seems the easiest for you to use.  I think SquirrelMail is the best of the three.
5. You will also notice that underneath these three are some other options such as “Change Password”, “Auto Responders”, “Configure Mail Client”, “Email Filtering”, and “Email Trace”
Feel free to utilize these tools if you are comfortable with them. If you are not comfortable with them, but would like to use them, Corey or Lance can help you with this.
I would recommend that you create a new password, just remember to write it down so that the next time that you go through these steps you know what your password is.
If you use other mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Corey or myself will help set these up for you. Until they are set up, please use webmail.

How to Access Your OLD Email Once the Transfer is Complete 

and you should be able to see your old emails here, after entering your normal information.